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GST, also known as Goods and Services Tax is an indirect tax that is implied on the supply of goods and services in and out of the country. The Act was established in the Parliament on 29th March 2017 and came into force on 1st July 2017. It came into existence just to bring uniformity in the Indian taxation system.
GST Suvidha Centre, and a division of Way-Out Consultancy is a Business Consulting Firm, which has got approved permission from the government body (GSP of GSTN) to provide all the services related to GST, Finance, Banking, Loan, Insurance, Employment, Education, Health, Government to Customer (All Govt. Scheme) and also Travel assistance in their locality at reasonable rates. It provides business opportunities for people who want to earn extra income from home by way of appointing On-Field Promoters.
GST Suvidha Provider is the first name of GSP and they are recognized as an authorized mediator for companies to access GST portal services. It plays a great role to make GST compliance easy and convenient for the taxpayers through GST Suvidha Centres.
GST Suvidha Centre is a basic platform where taxpayers can find various services related to their benefits such as filing ITR, applying for Company Registration, accounting service and related to trading, manufacturing and service activities. GST Suvidha Centre also provides services in 11 verticals (Finance, Taxation, Banking, Loan, Insurance, G2C, Employment, Education, Travel, Bill Payments, GSC Aushadhi Kendra and Health. It's a one-stop platform for the people who belong to weak areas and find it hard to reach the right kind of service provider. GST Suvidha Centre creates the best business opportunities for people who want to have a standard life and to create a stable earning source by way of appointing as an On-Field Promoters. If you want to learn more about GST Suvidha Centre, please check the website of GST Suvidha Centre.
GST Suvidha Centre services in 11 verticals covering- Financial including Taxation Banking Loan Insurance G2C Bill Payment Travel Health Education Employment E-commerce
Yes, GST Suvidha Centre is approved by GSTN (Goods and Services Tax Network) through GSPs (GST Suvidha Provider) Effizent Seele Pvt Ltd.
1. One can register himself/herself in online portal ( www.gstsuvidhacentre.co.in) for obtaining any service. 2. After registration, client will get log in credentials in email . 3. He/she can log in to to our on line portal by using that credentials and will be landed on his/her Dashboard. 4. Now from Dashboard, he/she can choose the required service, upload required documents and make payment through our Payment Gateway. 5. He/she will get a Paid Tax Invoice for the proof of payment. 6. After completion of the service, he/she will get the required certificates/acknowledgements/ copy of Returns as the case may be in his mail and in his client dashboard.
We have a fixed price list displayed in our Portal. You have to pay for your service including GST as the above price list.
If we can not provide you any service for whatsoever the reason, your money will be returned forthwith. We have our Head office at Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh and Branches in all over India. Full postal address along with our land line number and GST number is displayed in the Portal under "Contact Us". We are a professional firm approved by GSTN and hence you are safe in all respect.
On-Field Promoters are the part of our team working in the field and facilitate clients to get our service. They are registered with us and have an identity card issued by us. They are authorized to collect documents from the client, take fees via our payment Gateway, provide Tax Invoice and handover the output of service required/ordered. He is not authorized to collect fees in Cash and we are not held responsible if any client is cheated by giving Cash to any On Field Promoter.
When you visit the GST Suvidha Centre Website You will find a link for “Registration of On-Field Promoter” at top left corner of the site. Click on that link and fill the form along with required documents and make payment of Rs. 1829 including GST. After successful email verification and scrutinising the documents submitted by you, your account will be activated within 24 hours. After a few days, you will be contacted by our executive and they will brief you about the working module. Training on how to use the CRM Portal and from time-to-time other upgraded services would be provided.
It does not require that one should have proper GST business knowledge. We provide systematic training for that. A place to operate the business. The candidate must at least Class 10 Passed. An Android phone/computer, printer, scanner, and internet connection.
The working process of On-Field Promoter is very easy. When clients approach the On-Field Promoter for any service., he/she just has to upload all the requested documents on the CRM Portal and the rest is handled by the Backend Support team. For any queries about anything, On-Field Promoter can contact directly to the Back Office and Support Team to communicate any time over phone or through email and these have also created a "PORTABLE BUSINESS" opportunity as now services are present at Doorstep.
GST Centre offers more than 250 services in 11 verticals. GST Suvidha Centre gives the support 24 x 7 hours to its On-Field Promoters and their clients. A proper CRM training is provided to make sure that the On-Field Promoters understand how the business work and the organization also provide technical support through WhatsApp Group to them. GST Centre is having a proper team of professionals and experts in each field who support and guide the On-Field Promoters to make sure their business runs smoothly. At every point of step On-Field Promoters get an assured and quick positive response of their queries i.e proper knowledge kit and guidance.